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Online marketing strategy

The idea behind a marketing strategy is reaching your target audience in a way which will benefit both them with a product and your company with the sale. It is important to know your audience and the way to reach them in the most cost effective way.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is still important. If you don’t use your keywords in articles or on your website search engines will still pass them by. Now however there is no need to keyword stuff websites or articles. Where it used to take extensive keyword usage now if you use more than five percent per total volume your article or site will probably be passed over as unimportant or overly promotional. Optimization done on photographs and videos used on the page with an article doesn’t seem to negatively affect if in total these bring the article over five percent. Linking is still important with linking to high page ranked (PR) and .edu sites the most important.

Keywords how and where

Placement of keywords makes a difference. Google still sends spiders and/or bots through articles/websites, if keywords are found in certain places in an article or website your page rank will be higher. How keywords are used also makes a difference. If you are planning on being located by a search engine in the most beneficial location using keyword tools are also an important aspect. There are free programs and paid programs, none are created equal. The one used should be the one which gives the best information about the niche . A choice also has to be made whether to use a keyword, or keyword phrase.

Social Media

Social media is where large groups of people get together and are necessary because how people perceive your company make a difference in PR. Since we are dealing with the internet we are looking for large groups of people who frequent areas of the internet which will give the most visibility. Creating interest for a person, company, or corporation can be done many ways and in many places. Paying attention to the most used traffic sources and most used social sites are important. Properly placed paid advertisements along with free traffic sources is the best approach. For each product or service the approach will be different.

Social media optimization

The most important aspect of social media optimization is know your audience. There is always going to be one segment of a population or culture who are going to be the most receptive to your product or service. This is the target audience you are trying to satisfy. Mistakes made with social media can change the audience.

Social media management

Managing social media is the art of creating interest then keeping track of how customers react to what they are seeing. It is also keeping content fresh and answering questions posed by fans and followers. Social media is for interaction as well as finding new customers.

Facebook marketing & management

Facebook marketing is different. It can be used as a business tool and as a marketing tool. Managing a facebook account takes time and thought. The idea is to post information of interest to your target audience then asking friends and associates to start spreading the word. Those who use facebook for marketing are better off using at least some paid advertising. With the current changes to facebook it is not yet apparent if the search engine optimization both on facebook and search engines are bringing people to the sites many paid to have integrated.

Website Production

Web technology is more important now than ever. In the past over engineering became cost ineffective. Now those who listen, learn, and make necessary simple changes are in more demand. The most important addition a good engineer can make is using whatever tools are necessary to reach the most people.

For small marketers this has more to do with choosing the right template for a website and choices including sites easily readable by mobile devices. This is the simplest explanation. There is more involved and it does affect how a search engine will rank.

Design and Visual branding

Branding with a comprehensive visual branding logo which can be used everywhere within a company and corporation is important also. This has to take into consideration how both the business and potential clients or customers will react. Market research is most often used to determine which type of logo would be best.

Logo’s should be able to be used in more than one media. An example of this is the Apple computer logo. This is used on the computer, in emails, standard mail, on billboards, in reality every place Apple is so is their logo. The goal of your logo is the same, in time you want the world to equate your logo to you, your company, or corporation. Be prepared to spend time and money getting it right as in reality this is how the world will perceive you.


Consumer generated advertising blogs are as these things go a fairly new medium of blogging. They are an effective way to circumvent paying an ad agency to get the word out about a company. Done properly they can increase the visibility and reputation of a company as well as help locate new customers.

Article marketing & distribution

With article marketing you are writing about your niche or area of expertise. These are not sales letters but information of value to those who are looking for information. Articles are about the niche however should be personalized to you or your brand.

Online reputation management

Reputation is now considered part of search engine optimization. How complaints are handled makes a difference. It is better to satisfy a customer even if it costs extra than leave them unhappy. It costs five times as much to find a new customer than it does to keep one happy. Quite often properly handling a complaint can turn a customer into a brand advocate. As many attempts as possible should be made to do this in the same forum the complaint was lodged in and in plain sight. This will actually help those “on the fence” see that satisfying customers is a high priority for you.

Online brand promotion

Brand promotion online in reality isn’t different from promoting in the real world twenty years ago. Brick and mortar businesses depend on other businesses, newspapers, telephone directories, and word of mouth. Not in that order. On the internet these equate to other websites allowing your link or promotion on their site, Ezines and newsletters, online directories, and of course word of mouth through social media. A note, social media needs to be treated like word of mouth, you want to talk to your audience as one of them just as you would recommend a movie you watched and found interesting to a friend.


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